In 1988 Jürgen and Annette Heuser came to Brazil to work on a farm in Minas Gerais after Jürgen had graduated in International Agriculture at the famous Faculty of   Witzenhausen in Germany .  In the end of 1993, Jürgen und Annette Heuser have got out of the Multinational Spice Company Fuchs, after 5 years of experience, to start their own business in São Paulo. At this time it was nearly impossible to buy different fresh herbs   in São Paulo  which turned this enterprise successfull.

In April 1994, Dirk und Claudia Müller connected themselves to this idea. After six months of hard building work, the first products had been delivered to customers in São Paulo. Our Pioneer work has been rewarded with an ever growing customer number. After this we constantly increased our product variety . Now we are furnishing herbs, edible flowers, special kinds of salads and baby vegetables. In the end of 1998, we started delivering supermarkets, so that private customers could also buy our products.

In 2010 Dirk and Claudia left the company after many years of dedication to go their own way. Today Ervas Finas is a flourishing company with about 80 employees and 200 customers , delivering not only in São Paulo, but also to other brazilian main cities.

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